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Position Statements

(1) Taxation
The Arkansas Economic Defense Fund strives to insure all taxes levied on the citizens are done so in an open and legal manner. Tax collection should be fair and uniform rather than targeted and selective and should serve the entire public good rather than a special interest. Tax imposition should be in accordance with current law; and these laws should insure that the public participation overwhelmingly support taxing themselves for the desired cause. Currently, two tax related issues of concern include: 1) Too often tax measures are presented for special elections and/or repeated so many times that the general public is disenfranchised by the process rather than by the issue in question. 2) Elevated state income tax rates are arguably another level of taxation which makes our state less attractive to greater economic expansion– as we are the highest taxed state among our neighboring states.

(2) Regulation
The Arkansas Economic Defense Fund believes that unjust and over reaching regulation has and will continue to play a major role in the decline of business, and in particular, manufacturing and construction in this state. We defend small businesses and individuals against overreaching government regulation. Attractive words like “sustainability,” “environmentally friendly,” “green,” “worker justice,” or “economic justice”, etc. are non-measurable tactics often used to justify an unrealistic and economically un-sustainable business climate and property rights in our state. Various state and federal “employment” and “protection” agencies have understandable missions. However, it is our position that these agencies are often hijacked by ideologues who use the regulations to collect more revenue rather than to pursue the original agency goals. History proves that mismanaged and agency expansion to the point of irrelevance has produced mission failure for many. We adhere to the principal that less, but more effective, government regulation is a better approach. We work through our judicial system to defend small business and individuals in Arkansas from egregious government regulation.

(3) Legal Reform
The Arkansas Economic Defense Fund joins those at the forefront to continue efforts to restore fairness and predictability to our civil justice system. AEDF works to promote systematic fairness in the courts through using, training, promoting, and educating good legal practices in court, as we teach policy regarding legal reforms to discourage frivolous lawsuits, to fairly balance judicial and legislative authority, to treat defendants in a consistent manner, and to install transparency and accountability in the trial system. AEDF is dedicated to reclaiming and protecting a better judicial system for all Arkansans.

(4) Education
The Arkansas Economic Defense Fund promotes a basic, yet world competitive, education for all Arkansans. It is our belief that without such an education, Arkansas will not maintain a viable work-force and will be unable to achieve basic economic independence for its citizens. This principal undergirds the work of AEDF at all levels.

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