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Arkansas Economic Defense Fund

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Arkansas Economic Defense Fund

Who We Are

The Arkansas Economic Defense Fund is a non profit organization dedicated to the protection of the economic rights and interests of every Arkansan by specifically assisting in the legal defense of their economic liberty from over taxation, excessive government regulation, and an unchecked legal system.
Founded by a group of like-minded business owners, individuals and attorneys, we work to educate and expose the public to illegal, unjust, and wrongful 1) exaction of taxes and the tax policies that produce them; 2) anti-business and job-killing regulations; and 3) unfair and unpredictable civil injustice within our current judicial system. We promote knowledge and involvement from the local community to allow the democratic process to proceed fairly and favorably for economic freedom for all.

We are based in Fayetteville Arkansas, and regularly monitors local and state-wide issues and the activity of our elected officials in order to provide Arkansans with a free economic environment which allows all citizens to rise fairly ‘up the economic ladder.’

What We Do

The Arkansas Economic Defense Fund monitor local and state committees, boards, legislative bodies, and the courts to insure the citizens of the state not only know, but understand the economic impact that these entities have on each of us. Fair and open creation, implementation, and consequences of the actions of these entities are our primary concerns. We not only educate, but also litigate when standards are not met, obfuscation occurs, and when freedoms are abused. We stand on the principal that without good and balanced economics, little else can be accomplished to promote the welfare of our citizens.

AEDF combines strategy, training, funding, and litigation in significant, precedent-setting cases that threaten the economic security of Arkansans.